Stay-at-home dads:

Download my free planner and go from barely surviving to thriving in just 10 minutes a day

Get out of the groundhog day rut and start each morning with confidence as you build your legacy, starting today. Here's what you'll get:

  1. daily planner template
  2. instructional step-by-step video walk-through to help you get started
  3. a community of other at-home dads building a legacy

3 Good Reasons to use the Dad Legacy Planner:

1. Simplicity

The planner is simple and easy to follow, which means it will be easy to stick with and actually make progress in building your legacy. You can even customize it however you want. Miss a day? That's ok! Just jump back in whenever you're ready.

2. Connection

I designed this planner to help me get past the disconnect I had between the small choices I was making daily, and the legacy I wanted to build. I believe that using this simple planner will help you make that connection like it did for me.

3. Progress

After using the planner for just a few days, I am confident that you will experience more clarity on what is important in your life. That will help you stop wasting time and energy on the things that distract you and could derail you from building your legacy.

Ben Dambman Stay-At-Home Dad

I built this planner because I wanted to make progress in building my family's legacy. I've spent most of my life either running on a hamster wheel, or drifting aimlessly - the whole time dreaming of what I wanted my life to be like, but not making much progress.

I finally realized that in order to build the life and legacy I want for myself and my family, I would need to make the connection between the seemingly insignificant choices I make every day and the life and legacy of my dreams.

This planner has helped my family and I make that connection, minimize distractions, experience more balance and peace, and slowly but surely build the legacy we want to leave for our children.

So I invite you to try it out. I believe that if you invest 10 minutes into planning each day, you'll have a similar experience and begin to build your family's legacy.

Join me today and let me know it works for you - after you enter your email, you'll be sent a link to download the planner which you can customize however you'd like, and I'll keep in touch with you via email to encourage you as you build your legacy.

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